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These reviews are from customers for: “Mr. Gonopolis and His 12 Holsteins: A Christmas Story”  20th Anniversary Edition (Hardcover). Buy on Amazon.

Milks the best parts of the Santa legend (ouch)!,

By Thomas Coppinger (Fort Dodge, Iowa United States) – See all my reviews
(REAL NAME) Author of “Curse in Reverse
A wonderful alternative to the Santa story: whimsical, tongue-in-cheek, and with its colourful, whacky illustrations, very, very looney. A far more entertaining read to the kids than The Night Before Christmas (add your own sound effects for maximum theater). There are so many bad Santa stories out there; Gonopolis discards Santa and does the job himself. Nice little moral to the story, too. Deserves to be made into a Christmas special.


Holy Cow and Hay! Hay! Hay! You’ll want to graze on this bumper crop of Christmas mirth!

As much as I want to believe no cows were harmed (or as the author notes,”traced”) in the making of this book, it’s hard to believe some Holstein somewhere wasn’t forced to pose in the goofiest of positions to serve as the author’s moos … uh … make that muse … for this 20th anniversary update on Uncle Hyggly’s classic holiday tale.

For anyone who’s ever doubted that cows can fly … and that they don’t merely DRAW flies … this richly illustrated book will make you believe. (Which may have many ranchers looking nervously over their shoulders this season.)

This is an awesome holiday story that will have you and your kids “Ho Ho Ho”-ing until the cows come home (from their trek around the world with Mr. Gonopolis).

This is not your father’s “Mr. Gonopolis.” It’s updated with pop references … a cow perched on the nose of a friendly whale, crooning, “I’m queen of the world!”, a scuba diving bovine who bumps into a Nemo-ish finned friend who blurts “You found me!” and a Holstein named Oprah (a role model for the author’s two girls).

The illustrations, too, are magnificent … each worthy of its own life-sized poster.

This hard-bound book will undoubtedly take its place among the most cherished of children’s Christmas tales.

Another Gonopolis great!,

By Cindy Green (Stillwater, MN) – See all my reviews
I love the Gonopolis books. Thank you Uncle Hyggly for bringing us another! My kids, nieces and nephews have all enjoyed Mr. Gonopolis, and you never outgrow him. I giggle all the way through Uncle Hyggly’s books – especially this latest version. Imagine: Christmas saved by Holsteins, flies, a whale ride and a sweet old Norwegian farmer. If you grew up on a farm like I did, this is a great way to remember those endearing rural ways that make us smile. If not, what kid doesn’t love a cow! It’s a heckuva deal. Cindy Green

You will believe!

This fantastically illustrated book doesn’t tell a typical Christmas story, but it is fast becoming a tradition in our household just the same. It will have you laughing as you root for Mr. Gonopolis as he blunders around the world trying to fill Santa’s boots when Santa comes down with the flu. Mr. Gonopolis is the anti-grinch! He tries to save Christmas with all his farmer might and using all of his farmer means, but things don’t go as planned… In the end, Christmas cannot be stopped and Mr. Gonopolis’ big heart shows what Christmas is all about — love, caring and giving.

A timeless Tradition

Some things get better with age — this story is one of them!

The spirit of the holidays is that of joy and giving, even when we don’t get exactly right. And the author gives us a character that reminds us that this of year is all about having a big heart and facing challenges with a sense of humor.

The illustrations in the books are crisp and vivid, but full of subtleties. The music on the CD is first-rate, and the voice on “May All Your Christmas Be Black n White” is precious.

As fun to read today as it was twenty years ago because the story itself is timeless. A nice holiday treat for families, for co-workers or friends.

Excellent Story for Princess Kay of the Milky Way

By Rebekah Dammann (Lester Prairie, MN USA) – See all my reviews
As the 52nd Princess Kay of the Milky Way I spend a lot of time in the classroom teaching children about dairy farming. I also like to read them a cow story and what better story to read than “Mr. Gonopolis and his 12 Holestiens – A Christmas Story”! There is nothing, but pure delight on the childrens’ faces as they enjoy the equisite, vibrant pictures and the creative dialogue of the story. Even I, as an adult thouroughly enjoy this midwestern fictional farm story! It is a cow story I will treasure for life and share with everyone I can! Whether you are a city or a country person this charming story will bring the true meaning of Christmas along with some crazy dairy farm fun, to your house!