Jazzy audio CD brings Christmas gift cow-tale bounding to life!

The tale of twelve milk cows who must fill in for reindeer is brought alive with music, narration and character voices!

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The original audio production 25 years ago was played on more than 50 radio stations coast-to-coast, and Uncle Hyggly and George Maurer have performed the story about a farmer who must deliver the Christmas gifts for Santas live on stage in Wisconsin and Minnesota. The story’s gentle humor and strong midwestern values have inspired several elementary schools in Minnesota, Iowa and Annapolis, Maryland to base their Christmas pageants on it.

Uncle Hyggly’s daughters Ruairi and Bailey sing selections on the CD as well as providing some character voices. Uncle Hyggly wrote the melody and lyrics for “May All Your Christmases Be Black & White” at the end of the story (Track 10 below).

cow-christmas-cdWhen Uncle Hyggly first heard George’s “The Gonopolis Rag” more than 25 years ago it instantly became the character’s theme song. George has performed the song at many concerts and its even shown up in his solo piano CDs.

Whether listened to as a stand-alone, or while flipping the pages of Uncle Hyggly’s book, you’re sure to enjoy the enthusiasm and energy the dynamic duo use in bringing all the characters to life!